How to get free AS400 profile and windows client access - PUB400 Registration

Get your free AS400 profile

This post will show you how to get a free AS400 profile by registering in and IBMi Access for windows.

We will see step by step.

Step 1:
  • Go to This PUB400 domain offers you a free AS400 profile and 300MB of disk storage in the IBM server and two private libraries.
  • Click on "Signup now" to register. to get free IBMi Access
Step 2:
  • Fill up the registration form. It will ask for basic details like First name, Last name, Email id, and preferred IBMi user name.
  • The E-mail Id field is mandatory. They will send a verification mail and for the user management procedure.
  • The remaining fields are optional. Read the instructions and then submit.
Registration form
Step 3:
  • You will receive 2 emails from
    • To verify and confirm your request, they will send a mail like below
Verification mail
    • Once you confirm your mail address by click the link provided in the mail. They will send one more mail that contains the AS400 user profile credentials just like below.
Credentials Mail
Step 4:
  • We have created our user profile. The next step is to install the tn5250 telnet client.
  • Download and install on your system.
  • Once installed, open it and check your credentials.
  • Change the password if you want.
Pub400 Public IBMi server

So we have seen how to get AS400 user profile and telnet client access. Hope it will be useful for people who are just starting their career in IBMi. It is really useful to practice all kinds of As400 programming languages.
Thanks, everyone...

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