Structure of CL program

In this blog post, I will take you through how the basic structure of the CL program will be.
In General,
  • CL Code is case insensitive.
  • Source code usually starts from column 14 with an indentation for readability.
Source code starts from column 14
  • Every programing language has some notation for adding comments which are used for future reference. Likewise in CL, Comments are marked by /* at the beginning and */ at the end.
Comments in CL
  • If your message exceeds the line limit, we can use + for continuation, + can be entered at any column.
Concatenation + sign
Now we will see how the structure will be
The basic structure of the CL program is 
  • PGM Command
  • Declare Commands
    • Variable declaration
    • File declaration
  • Global Error handling
  • CL Processing Commands
  • Logical Control Commands
  • Built-in functions
  • Program and Procedure Control Commands
  • ENDPGM Command
From the next post-on-wards, we will see one by one of the CL structures.

Thanks, Everyone...

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