STRRLU - CL command

STRRLU – CL command:
  • In general, RLU (Report layout utility) is used to design a report by defining it on the display, saving it as a DDS source, and creating a printer file.
  • Type the command STRRLU in the command line and press F4, it will ask for parameters.
STRRLU Command

  • SRCFILE – source file and library
    • Specify the source physical file and library where our member needs to be changed is present or if we need to create a new one.
  • SRCMBR – source member
    • Specify source member (i.e., report) that we need to change or create a new source member using this prompt.
  • Option
    • We can specify the below option to work with a report.
    • 2 – is for changes in a report.
    • 6 – is for prints a prototype report.
    • We can specify the page width of the report in this prompt.
    • Options are *same or 1 to 378.
    • If we use RLU for the first time by default it will take 132 as the page width.
    • *Same is used to specify the previous report page width as page width for the current report.
  • TEXT
    • We can specify some descriptions in this text prompt for the member.
    • The specified text is no longer than 50 characters.
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