HackerRank Python Solution - Regex and Parsing - Re.findall() & Re.finditer()

  • The expression re.findall() returns all the non-overlapping matches of patterns in a string as a list of strings.
>>> import re
>>> re.findall(r'\w','http://www.hackerrank.com/')
['h', 't', 't', 'p', 'w', 'w', 'w', 'h', 'a', 'c', 'k', 'e', 'r', 'r', 'a', 'n', 'k', 'c', 'o', 'm']
  • The expression re.finditer() returns an iterator yielding MatchObject instances over all non-overlapping matches for the re pattern in the string.
import re
<callable-iterator object at 0x0266C790>
map(lambda x: x.group(),re.finditer(r'\w','http://www.hackerrank.com/'))
['h', 't', 't', 'p', 'w', 'w', 'w', 'h', 'a', 'c', 'k', 'e', 'r', 'r', 'a', 'n', 'k', 'c', 'o', 'm']
  • You are given a string S. It consists of alphanumeric characters, spaces, and symbols(+,-).
  • Your task is to find all S substrings containing 2 or more vowels. 
  • Also, these substrings must lie between consonants and contain vowels only.
  • Vowels are defined as AEIOU and aeiou.
  • Consonants are represented as QWRTYPSDFGHJKLZXCVBNM and qwrtypsdfghjklzxcvbnm.
Input Format:
  • A single line of input containing string S.
  • 0 < len(S) < 100
Output Format:
  • Print the matched substrings in their order of occurrence on separate lines. If no match is found, print -1. 
Sample Input:

Sample Output:

  • ee is located between consonant d and f.
  • Ioo is located between consonant k and m.
  • Oeo is located between consonant p and r.
  • eeeee is located between consonant t and t.

import re
S = input()
ans = re.findall(r"(?<=[^aeiou])([aeiou]{2,})(?=[^aeiou])", S, re.IGNORECASE)
if ans:
    print(*ans, sep="\n")
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