JavaScript ES6 Enhancement

  • JavaScript was introduced as a client-side scripting language in 1995.

  • ECMAScript (European Computer Manufacturers Association Script) established a standard for scripting languages in 1997.

  • ES is a parent of many scripting languages like TypeScript, JScript, ActionScript, and JavaScript.

  • JavaScript evolved year after year with every new version of ECMAScript introducing new features.

About ES6 :
    ES6 introduces a new transformed syntax to extend existing JavaScript constructs in order to meet the demands of complex applications written in JavaScript. ES6 also called ES2015.

        The applications which have been implemented in ES6 use the best practices, new web standards, and cutting-edge features, without using additional frameworks or libraries.

        Below are some of the features that got introduced which extend the ability of JavaScript to ease the developer's web development 
  • Block scope variables using let and const keywords

  • Template Literals

  • Destructuring

  • Arrow functions

  • Enhanced for loop

  • Default and Rest parameters

  • Spread operator

  • Classes and Objects

  • Inheritance

  • Native Promises

  • Many other built-ins

        ES6 is also completely backward compatible. The features like Object Oriented support, New programming constructs, Modules, Templates, support for promises, etc. made ES6 faster.

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