JavaScript Statements


  • Like Every other programming language, JavaScript statements are also the line of instructions that are to be executed by the web browser.
  • In JavaScript, Every statement should be finished with a semicolon ( ; ). 
  • And these statements will be executed in sequential order, from top to bottom.

 // JavaScript Statements
    console.log('statement 1');
    console.log('statement 2');
Case Sensitive:
  • Javascript is a case sensitive language, which means 
 // JS Case Sensitive Example

    // This:


    // Is not the same as this:


  • The last Statement will result in an error because there's no object called "Console" with a capital "C". 
  • Since JS is case-sensitive, we should be very careful with the names of objects, properties, and methods. Else, this will generate errors in our code.

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