How to get free AS400 profile and windows client access - PUB400 Registration

Get your free AS400 profile

In this post, I will show you how to get a free AS400 profile by registering in and IBMi Access for windows.

We will see step by step.

Step 1:
  • Go to This PUB400 domain offers you a free AS400 profile and 300MB of disk storage in the IBM server and two private libraries.
  • Click on "Signup now" to register.

What is the use of PGM and ENDPGM in CL program

PGM and ENDPGM in CL program:

In this blog post, we will see what is the use of PGM and ENDPGM commands in a CL program. First, we will start with the PGM command.

PGM Command
  • In general, PGM command is written to identify the beginning of a CL program.
  • Example:
PGM Command

TNEB & TANCET Engineering Maths - Handwritten Study Notes & Previous year Question paper

Here, we have given  Engineering Mathematics Study Notes for the Competitive ExamS. Candidates can download Topic Wise Engineering Mathematics Study Materials along with Previous Year Questions from below mentioned links.

Study Notes:

📌Matrices and Determinants

Question Papers:

Download link: 📌TANCET 2016 - Eng. Maths

Download link: 📌TANCET 2017 - Eng. Maths

Question Papers - Solutions (TNEB):

Download link: 📌TNEB (2015 - 17) - Eng. Maths Solutions

Download link: 📌TNEB 2018 - Eng. Maths Solutions

Question Papers - Solutions (TANCET):

Download link: 📌TANCET 2016 - Eng. Maths Solutions

Download link: 📌TANCET 2017 - Eng. Maths Solutions

Download 📌ISRO 2020 Scientist/Engineer 'SC' Electrical BE005 Question paper with Answer marked

Introduction to CL program

CL programming language:

In this blog post, I will make you understand what is CL and what can and cannot be done by using the CL language.
  • CL is a control language that contains a set of AS/400 commands which execute in a sequence to control the flow of an application.
  • It is used for job controlling just like JCL in the mainframe.
  • So to understand the CL program, we should be knowing all CL commands

Structure of CL program

Structure of basic CL program

In this blog post, I will take you through how the basic structure of the CL program will be.
In General,

  • CL Code is case insensitive.
  • Source code usually starts from column 14 with an indentation for readability.
Source code starts from column 14
  • Every programing language has some notation for adding comments which are used for future reference. Likewise in CL, Comments are marked by /* at the beginning and */ at the end.