Library List in AS400

Library List: 
Library List in AS400
  • A library list is a list of libraries maintained for each user session with the libraries arranged in decreasing order of priority.
  • Whenever an object is referenced in command without a library, then the system starts checking for the object in all the libraries in the library list.
  • If the object is found in the first library, then the system picks that object from that first library.
  • If the object is not found in any library in the library list then the system will throw an error.

How to Check If Hard Drive is SSD or HDD in Windows 10

Ever wondered how to check the type of Hard Drive installed on your computer. Here, we will see two different methods to check if Hard Drive is SSD (Solid State Drive) or HDD (Hard Disk Drive) in windows 10.

Method 1: Using Disk Defragmenter/Windows Drive Optimizer

  • Type 'Defrag' in the search bar of the start menu and select "Defragment and Optimize Drives - App".

HTML - Horizontal Line

Horizontal line:

  • A horizontal line in HTML is defined by using the tag <hr>. Here hr stands for a horizontal rule.
  • <hr> tag is used to insert a thematic break in an HTML page or to separate the contents on the page.
  • <hr> tag is an empty tag that doesn't have a closing/end tag.
  • It comprises of the below attributes

HTML - Images

  • HTML <img> tag is used to display  images in the web page.
  • The images are just linked, not inserted into the web page. The <img> creates a holding space for the image.
  • The <img> tag is an empty tag that doesn't have a closing tag. It contains only attributes.
  • The required attributes of the <img> tag are
    • src - Specifies the path of the image
    • alt - Specifies alternate text for the image
      <img src="url" alt="alternate-text">

HTML - Text Formatting

Text Formatting:

  • In HTML, we have various elements to format text with special meaning. Such various elements are
    • Font <font>
    • Font Styles
    • Font Effects
Font <font> Element:
  • It defines the appearance of text on the web page by changing the font, size, and color.

HTML - Lists


  • HTML List is used for grouping a set of related items in a list on the webpage.
  • In HTML, we have three different methods of specifying list information.
    • Ordered lists <ol>
    • Unordered lists <ul>
    • Description lists <dl>

HTML - Blockquotes


  • The Blockquote <blockquote> tag defines the content from another source with indentation.
  • The Blockquote will have a line break before and after the content by default.
  • URL of the source content can be given using the cite attribute and text representation can be given using the <cite> element.
  • For Short or Inline quotes, we can use the <q> tag.

HTML - Paragraphs


  • In HTML, the default paragraph defined in source code is ignored and it will be presented in a single block.
  • To add a manual paragraph, we can use the <p> tag with align attribute left, right, justify.

     <p align="center">paragraph goes here</p>

  • The paragraph defined using <p> will always start on a new line and browsers will automatically add a white space before and after a paragraph on the web page.

HTML - Headings


  • In general, Headings are the title or subtitle given for the content on the web page.
  • Headings in HTML are defined by using a tag <hn> where 'n' refers to the level number 1 to 6.

HTML - Structure of HTML Document

HTML <!DOCTYPE> Declaration:

  • <!DOCTYPE> declaration is an information to the browser about type of document to expect/to understand the version of HTML used in the document. And this <!DOCTYPE> is not an HTML tag.
  • This <!DOCTYPE> declaration is not case sensitive.
  • In HTML5, the declaration of <!DOCTYPE> is very simple.

<!DOCTYPE html>

JavaScript ES6 Enhancement

  • JavaScript was introduced as a client-side scripting language in 1995.

  • ECMAScript (European Computer Manufacturers Association Script) established a standard for scripting languages in 1997.

  • ES is a parent of many scripting languages like TypeScript, JScript, ActionScript, and JavaScript.

  • JavaScript evolved year after year with every new version of ECMAScript introducing new features.

JavaScript Statements


  • Like Every other programming language, JavaScript statements are also the line of instructions that are to be executed by the web browser.
  • In JavaScript, Every statement should be finished with a semicolon ( ; ). 
  • And these statements will be executed in sequential order, from top to bottom.

Javascript Course for Beginners

Why Javascript?
Javascript Course for Beginners

    As we all know that we can build beautiful websites using HTML and CSS. But the problem is such pages are static only which means users can just scroll up and down, click on the links. There's no interaction with the users.

    Now we can make these static pages dynamic by adding a layer of interactivity with the help of Javascript.

Introduction to HTML5


Introduction to HTML5

  • HTML stands for HyperText Markup Language.
  • HTML is used for presenting and structuring content on web pages and its standards are maintained by W3C(World wide web Consortium).
  • In general, we use HTML to build a webpage, Hyperlink, Online form, etc.,
  • HTML is case insensitive and platform-independent, the same code will run on a different OS.

Python Quiz

 This Quiz covers the basic concepts of Python

  • Basics of Python 
  • Control Structures
  • Functions
  • Collections
  • Libraries
  • Built-in functions
  • Modules and packages 
  • File and exception handling
  • Control Language (CL) Commands - Quiz

    This Quiz covers the major CL commands used in IBM iSeries/AS400.

    • CL Commands
    • Physical file
    • Logical file
    Total Questions: 10

    Digital Logic Circuit - Quiz #01

    This Quiz covers the below concepts from Digital Logic Circuit

    • Review of Number Systems
    • Binary, Decimal, Octal, HexaDecimal
    • 1's Complement
    • 2's Complement
    • Conversion of Binary code into Gray Code or Viceversa
    • Error detection and Correction codes
    Total Questions: 10

    How to Merge/Combine Partition drive in Windows 10

    • If your drive is getting filled up with files and running into an issue "Not enough free space" and at the same time, there is another drive with plenty of space left. To increase the space, we can merge the drives to solve the issue.
    • For example, if C: drive is getting full but partition D: drive has enough space left. Then you increase the C: drive space by merging C: and D: drive into one.
    • We can do this using the Disk Management tool by deleting the target drive (D:) to unallocate the space. Then Extend the Volume of the source drive (C:) with Extend options.
    • But, Note using the Disk Management tool to merge partitions require us to delete the partition first to create unallocated space. Therefore, you should take back up your data either by manual copy files or using a backup software tool.

    Loop control statements - Break, Continue, Pass in Python

    Break, Continue, Pass in Python:
    • As we know, in Python we have two types of the loop 'for' and 'while' which allows us to iterate over a list, tuple, string, dictionary, and set. 
    • But there are some cases where we want our loop to exit completely or skip a part of the loop or ignores some particular condition. 

    Printer file (PRTF) Design using Report Layout Utility (RLU) in AS400 | iSeries

    Purpose of RLU:

    • To design a report by defining it on the display, saving it as a DDS source, and creating a printer file.
    • Printer file is the same as of spool file which is used for reporting purposes.

    Starting RLU:
    • Enter the source physical file name, library name, and the RLU (printer file) name that we are going to create.
    • We can also specify the page width. By default, it will remain as 132.

    How to create new partition from C: drive in windows 10 without formatting

    • In Windows 10 PC, you have C: drive which contains all program files, in addition, it also has all your saved word documents, photos, and your important files. If your operating system becomes corrupted in case of the worst scenario, then all your important files will get lost.
    • To avoid such data loss and to keep your most important files separate, we will go for a separate space from your C: drive using a partition. By doing this, even if your operating system gets corrupt, we will likely be able to get all your important files safely.
    • It is always safer and best practice to put your personal files or important files on a different partition.
    • This blog post demonstrates how easily we can partition the C: drive using a built-in disk manager in windows 10.